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Portugal was voted the best European tourist destination for the second consecutive year by the World Travel Awards (2018). Time Out magazine has compiled a list of the best cities in the world and why they receive this distinction, and Porto occupies the second position. First is Chicago, in the United States, in a list of 32 cities.

Porto is considered "the best city in the world to make friends, find love and keep in touch with family” that´s how the Time Out report, the 2018 City Life Index, describes Porto.

The list was made based on several points such as food, drink, friendship, culture, happiness, quality of life and still the cost of living. Porto secured a 137.9 points and Chicago 138.2 points.

According to Time Out magazine, Porto is the second-best city in the world for giving people freedom to be as they are.



STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It’s a meeting point between arts and sciences using creative techniques and arts to deliver science outcomes in the classroom.



  • Explore an inquiry-based methodology around STEAM;
  • Work in a collaborative process creating a STEAM outcome;
  • Experience Write a Science Opera methodology;
  • Experience innovative resources, tools and processes which bring together science, technology and the arts.


Course contents:

  • Workshops on STEAM (WASO, improvisation, technologies);
  • Lectures about STEAM examples;
  • Visit to cultural institutions;
  • Networking / exchange ideas.


Target Audience: Primary teachers; secondary teachers of all fields of arts and sciences.



23 to 30 June 2019

08 to 14 September 2019


Fee: 490€


For further information:




Note: the course will only occur with a minimum of 12 participants

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