Secondary Course (from 10th year)

The Secondary Course consists of three levels, each one corresponding to one school year.

Specialised music teaching is aimed at developing artistic vocations in the young people, promoting solid learning that will allow them to join the artistic job market after they have finished their secondary course, or to go on to higher level education.

Access to the Music Secondary Course is subject to an entrance exam in the Musical Training and Instrument subjects. Students who pass this exam and are in one of the following situations are accepted:

  1. They have completed the Basic Music Course
  2. They have not completed the Basic Music Course but have completed their 9th year of school, or equivalent.



With the coordinated system, there is an agreement between a secondary education school and a specialised artistic school, where the former is responsible for general subjects and the latter for specific artistic education components. It operates in two schools at the same time. When previously agreed with the secondary school, the vocational classes may also be taught in that school, and the student does not have to travel to the music school. As this system is fully subsidised by the Ministry of Education, no fees are paid.



Under this system, the specific music training is independent of any vocational area the student may have chosen in Secondary Education.

Timetable for after-school classes

2020/2021 school year

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